Smartphones and virtual reality just became inseparable

At Second day in the World Mobile Congress held at Barcelona, reporters are anxiously gazing at their screens of laptops, searching for a topic or a theme to conclude the week’s proceedings and go home. Regardless of the event’s conventionally focal point on mobile; it was difficult to be thrilled this year concerning a new smartphone.

Don’t take me wrong. We’ve observed some gorgeous smartphones and some bold ones like modular LG G5, but this year’s event was totally about the gadgets, those wearable gadgets that came along with smartphones. And let me be clear, we are not discussing on smartwatches. There was not even a single talk about them this year. 2016 was all about virtual reality gadgets, and it was not only “the Vive” or “Oculus Rift” range. VR was also there to capture the moment which is going to be approachable this year.

Samsung is in the front here, filling its enormous “Centre de Convencions Internacional” occasion stadium with thousands of “VR Gear,” and viewing a fraction of its presentation on those VR headsets. It was an uncomforting sentiment that at one instant you’re enclosed by a crowd of people and on the very next you set the headset on and then it’s only you and an enormous 3D floating image of new phones of Samsung.

It wasn’t only a publicity stunt. Samsung is offering v share that if you order now S7 or S7 Edge phone, you’ll obtain a “Samsung Gear VR headset” which is worth $100 will be given free. It simply means that there will be masses of people experiencing these this year.

LG has also launched a virtual reality headset this year naming “LG 360 VR.” It’s lighter than the one that Samsung has, but there are some doubts about its quality, and we still don’t have the exact accessibility date and price of it.

There were other thrilling information’s excluding VR varieties as well. Samsung and LG both have commenced “360-degree cameras,” which will make everyone to craft massive content. Mark Zuckerberg head of Facebook is massively investing in this. He says that the next level subsequent to video is the capability to share entire scenes. That will turn into much easier with the latest mobile gears.

Exiting Boat Tours and Sky diving

Dubai is heaven if you are planning to travel to all the places that Dubai offers. Dubai not only offers the desert but it offers many other entertainment places that people all around the world cannot miss an opportunity to visit Dubai. The skydiving and boat tours are one of the famous things to do in Dubai and almost all the tourist do sky diving as they find it amusing and interesting. Snowboarding and skiing seems nearly impossible in a desert. No? But everything is possible with Dubai as Dubai offers indoor snowboarding and skiing to both children and adults in the middle of the desert and this facility is offered all around the year and it is not affected by any weather changes. The boat tours are as amazing as the rest of the things to do in Dubai. People use small boats to travel from one place to another and in the meanwhile they observe the places on the way.

Atlantis Palm Jumeirah in Dubai:

Atlantis Palm is the UAE resort that is located in the apex Palm Jumeirah. This resort was opened on September 24 2008 in a joint venture. To be more specific, The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago in United Arab Emirates, formed using land renovation by Nakheel, a company possessed by the Dubai government, and planned and established by Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock/Architects, Inc. It is one of three PalM Island and it is the smallest of them all but it grasp the attention of the people towards it with its scenery and aesthetic style built up.

Ski Dubai in Dubai Go-Karting in Dubai:

Skiing in Dubai sounds like a miracle and that miracle has already happened with Ski Dubai in Dubai. Ski Dubia consist of different level on a hilly snow mountain that needs to be travelled once inside Ski Dubai which it attracts the attention of both youngsters and elders. Go Karting is another interesting thing to do in Dubai. It is the part of the motor sport facility plan under Autodrome which was opened in October 2004. Autodrome also hosted the FIA GT Championship

Hatta Rock Pools in Dubai:

Hatta, the name does not sound very appealing and fascinating but it is a great place to visit as it creates eye to eye interaction between the humans and the fish. You might think that the place is not amazing but once you visit it you realize that it is magnificent. Stream of fresh water flows between the narrow openings of the rocks and as the diver moves further the water gets deeper and this water is crystal clear and in the end a mini waterfall form over the edge of the rocks

Dubai Creek:

Dubai creek is a very fascinating and mesmerizing trip for all age groups but due to the hot climate of the city it is preferred that this trip should be taken in the evening as traveling on boats in the morning under the heat of sun is not very amusing. In the evening the travelers can take small boats and take full view of the city which is called ‘Abra’. They can use the cable car and enjoy the beauty of the city in the air. To take Abras you need to go to Abra Jetty.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai is not only famous for its desert but this state has more water and sea life than many coastal areas. With its underwater zoo and different aquarium parks, Dubai has brought humans and marine life closer to each other. 4 of the most amusing and incredible waterparks are discussed below. These Waterparks bring happiness in the lives of the people as they get a chance to see marine life indoor and interacting with them is more pleasurable. When it comes to underwater zoo then nothing can beat Dubai as the underwater zoo in Dubai mall has earned a name in World Guinness Book for the world largest Acrylic Panel. It has got the largest tourist attraction. Moreover the underwater zoo has the most advanced species that are not yet discovered by other zoos in other countries. If you ever plan to visit Dubai, these are places that you must visit.

Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai:

Aquaventure Water Park is the best water park of Dubai. To visit this park you have to book tickets in advance as many people like you are trying to take a look of this beautiful park. It is not only the best park in Middle East but it is also the best park in Europe. If you want to get thrilled, or get personal with sharks or relax your body in the water, Aquaventure Waterpark is the right place for you. Whether it is the river ride, children play area, Flyer Zip line or exclusive reserved seating; everything takes your heart away

The Lost Chambers Aquarium in Atlantis the Palm in Dubai:

Atlantis, the Palm Dubai is a UAE resort that is located at the apex of Palm Jumeirah. This resort was opened in a joint venture on September 24, 2008. The Lost Chamber Aquarium which is the part of the resort is a great attraction for both adults and children. The tanks of the small species are well presented to the viewers and the largest aquarium is full of marine life. The new edition to the Lost Chamber Aquarium that is the baby alligator and this new edition have grasped the attention of both the kids and the elders.

Dubai Dolphinarium in Dubai:

Dubai Dolphinarium is the chief completely well-ventilated indoor dolphinarium in the Middle East, providing home to dolphins and seals, letting the people to watch and network with them through live shows and photography sessions. It is located near the Children’s Park and supported by Dubai Government, Dubai Municipality opened Dubai Dolphinarium on May 21st 2008. It is definitely an experience of life time and public that visit it claims that it brings them closer to nature and gives them essence of marine life. The dolphins are well trained, they do aerobics, dance, sings and even paint.

Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai:

Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the most advanced water park in the world. Why it is most advanced and why is it famous? Well the answer is pretty simple, it offers 24 amazing rides and slides. It is located in between Burj-al-Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel which gives you the edge of enjoying variety of water rides. Tourists enjoy Wadi Water Park as it also gives the facility of enjoying the rides for the whole day. It depends on the ticket you purchase.